Embedded Software & Hardware Development Services

We offer customised consults and build complicated embedded systems from the ground up. If you have a startup or business that requires a combination hardware/software solution, our skills and experience in this complex field of development will come in handy.We create hardware and give hardware development assets to aid in the distribution of in-depth solutions that are optimised and tailored to individual consumer devices. From planning to stress testing, our hardware development professionals take on projects from start to finish.

We use our extensive domain understanding and process-oriented methodologies to create strong embedded software, firmware, middleware, and hardware systems.

Embedded Software Development

We are develop user required Embedded web,mobile and software Applications. we provide middleware and bespoke APIs.We provide experienced device driver development services for quality standards.

Board Support Package (BSP) Development

we define specific environmental conditions to ensure that the operating system performs well and its suitable with embedded device.We are provide Bootloader & Linux Kernel Porting,Custom Device Driver Development and Root File Systems

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Development

First we can design hardware and carefully select the most fitting hardware components and next design the software finally We provide safe data storage environments while assuring fast data gathering by designing and upgrading online or cloud-based HMI solutions.

Embedded Software Solution Development

our skilled embedded software developers and engineers provide embedded security, network, video streaming, and a variety of other solutions.We provides the Media Streaming & WebRTC Solutions,Embedded Security Solutions and Network Solutions

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototype built by our team of IoT hardware experts facilitates market testing for the project idea.To develop Hardware Prototypes,3D printed enclosures,Dashboard and Analytics.

Custom Firmware Development

Our embedded software engineers with experience in LUA, Python, C, and C++ firmware development. Our team working on various network protocols and architectures, including Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, TCP/IP, GPS, and BLE, as well as ARM, STM, ATMEL, PIC, and 8051.

Edge Computing

We use edge computing instead of standard cloud computing on IoT devices to ensure lower latency and faster data offloading times, as well as the flexibility to handle more access points. We assist enterprises save data storage by processing data in real-time instead of collecting all data in the cloud .

Design for Manufacturing

We employ the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) design methodology to create high-quality components, products, and parts at a lower cost. best design principles for manufacturing, and the correct material for the device by including DFM early in the design process.

Software Solutions

We redesign your existing custom embedded hardware or off-the-shelf solution, from concept to production.

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A safety system for the mining industry using microcontroller based circuit on the worker helmet.We use rf based circuitry to detect workers moving to the entire site.The helmet is integrated with an rf based tracking system which in coordination with the tracker rf systems help provide data over IOT.

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Parameter Analyzer

The parameters like Temperature, Voltage and current are measured by the sensors and data transfered with help of microcontroller to PC via RS232 communication.And these details are monitored and stored by VB software If data below/exceeds the reference level the appliance connected across the relay will automatically on/off.

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Home Automation

We can use smartphones to control the household appliances with just one click or one message.help of controllers and communication devices home appliances can be remotely controlled.we will use the Arduino UNO and HC-05 Bluetooth module for the development of Smart Home Automation.

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Tablet Dispanser

SmartPill Dispenser has a wireless Internet connection to the AWS Cloud thanks to the WiFi connection of the Microchip AVR-IoT board, so that can be remotely monitored and configured through the web application.

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Smart Ration

A smart ration dispenser system using RFID and GSM technology used to replace the conventional ration materials distribution method.RFID uses electromagnetic field to track and identify objects.proposed to fix a voice recognition device and a speaker to the dispenser machine to enable the consumer use.

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Patient Monitoring

IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System using ESP8266 & Arduino.This IoT device could read the pulse rate and measure the surrounding temperature. It continuouslymonitors the pulse rate and surrounding temperature and updates them to an IoT platform.


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