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What is IOT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects or people referred to as "things" that are equipped with software, electronics, networks, and sensors to collect and exchange data.

Recent News:

The Solution for Privacy and Security in the HealthCare IoT:

With the rapid advancement of technology around us, the medical and health care fields have taken a great step forward in reaching out to their customers and delivering better service. The Internet of Things (IoT) has played a significant role in making life easier, yet there are threats lurking behind IoT security loopholes.A less secure medical health care system can easily jeopardise people's lives, thus security should never be taken for granted. Many medical equipment, such as defibrillators, glucose monitoring, depression, mood monitoring, and many more, are part of the medical IoT, which ensures quick medical assistance even when the patient's condition has limited or no early indicators or warnings.The information processed by these gadgets is incredibly important and private. Any IoT device is vulnerable to many types of cyber-attacks. Hackers have the ability to modify medical devices and/or data, which can have unforeseeable and negative implications for patients, hospital management, and product manufacturers.

Research: Many users do nothing to protect their smart devices

According to new data from NordVPN, the leading cybersecurity solution, users do not take the security of their IoT devices seriously. In their homes, about 88 percent of consumers have some sort of IoT gadget. However, some of them take very little action to mitigate the hazards, with nearly one-fifth of them taking no precautions to safeguard their gadgets.The IoT device poll also revealed what cybersecurity behaviours individuals in various nations lack, what smart gadgets they often buy, and who, in their opinion, should be responsible for keeping those devices secure.

Industry 4.0 expected to be lead application for IoT within 5 years:

element14 has released fresh study on the Internet of Things (IoT), revealing the IoT's expanding importance in industrial automation and control applications, which are critical to the fulfilment of Industry 4.0. The element14 IoT Survey, which is conducted annually, provides new insights into this important market, including opportunities and difficulties for IoT engineers.The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the IoT industry in 2020 resulted in a surge in the development of new medical devices and systems, which has the potential to feed future demand for better connected medical equipment. The Internet of Things is transforming how patients are diagnosed, treated, and monitored, as well as assisting immunisation monitoring, inventory management, and other tasks.A quarter of poll respondents believe healthcare will be the next big area to benefit from IoT connectivity innovation. The adoption of single board computers as the core of IoT design is also consistent with anecdotal data element14 has heard from clients who say that during the COVID-19 epidemic, design engineers have embraced development kits and single board computers as they design at home.

Silicon Labs to host “Works With” 2021 Developer Conference:

On September 14-15, Silicon Labs will present its second annual Works With 2021 Conference. Last year's event, which began in 2020 and was virtually attended by over 6,000 people across the world, focused on developing the smart home through keynotes, training sessions, and workshops with Amazon, Comcast, Google, Ring, and other companies.

ST4SIM: A New Path to Cellular IoT Designs, From New eSIM to Discovery Kit:

ST just released ST4SIM, our first GSMA-certified eSIM for industrial, consumer, and automotive IoT. We decided to make the device available to provide engineers a more flexible approach to exploit cellular networks. By releasing developers, the eSIM revolution continues to stimulate the creation of cellular applications.Several models are available with the advent of the new ST4SIM series. Some are simple (ST4SIM-100x), while others are GSMA certified (ST4SIM-200x), have cryptographic capabilities (ST4SIM-x10), or even have an automobile certification (ST4SIM-x10) (ST4SIM-xxxA). Even a 5G version is on the way.

IoT AI services to reach £2.6 billion in revenue by 2026:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services in the IoT space are predicted to increase at a 40% annual rate, with revenue reaching $3.6 billion (£2.6 billion) by 2026. The conclusions of a new analysis from global tech consultancy firm ABI Research show that the value in the technology stack is shifting away from hardware and middleware and toward analytics and value-added services.While big data and data analytics may not have been able to cure the virus, IoT-data enabled solutions have been critical in reducing public worry, monitoring patients, and preparing infrastructure for future outbreaks. As AI-based IoT solutions emerge, its significance helps to explain the industry's predicted growth.